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Podiatric Surgery


Post-Operative Information




The Next 24 Hours

If you received IV sedation, then you should not:

  • Drive a car, operate machinery or power tools.

  • Make any important decisions, such a signing papers.

  • Drink any alcoholic beverages.



The Next 3 Days
  • Rest and keep foot/feet elevated above hip as much as possible.*

  • You may continue to elevate after 3 days if foot is swollen or sore.

  • Walk as little as possible.

  • Do not cross your legs, even while your feet are elevated.

  • To prevent swelling, place ice on the ankle area. Keep it on for 10 minutes at a time 3 times a day.*

*If you are diabetic please ask your doctor before icing or elevating.



  • Do not get your bandages wet.

  • Do not remove your bandages.

  • You may see some blood coming through the bandage. This is normal. Excessive bleeding includes dripping blood and saturated bandages.


Shoes / Casts
  • Keep surgery shoe(s) on while walking or standing. 

  • If a wire was inserted into your toe keep surgery shoe(s) on 24 hours per day, even while asleep.

  • If you have a cast you must always use your crutches with no weight on the cast.

  • If you have a cast do not drive without permission from your doctor.

  • If you are wearing a cast or black surgery boot up to your knee take one baby aspirin every day until the cast or boot comes off.




If you had surgery on the foot used for driving and/or have a cast, please do not drive without permission from your doctor.




Please take medications as directed on your medication sheet.



Call Your Doctor

Be sure to call your doctor if:

  • Your bandages get wet or are removed for any reason.

  • You experience excessive bleeding.

  • You experience excessive pain.

  • Your toes are not pink.

  • You develop a fever greater than 100.

If you can't reach your doctor and you feel you are having a serious problem, go to the emergency room.



Crutch Walking Instructions

Are available for download HERE.



Cane Walking Instructions

Are available for download HERE.



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